Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my se7en links

At first I thought that title looked cool...but it actually doesn't. Dang.

I know that (once again) I am late to the game on this, but a few weeks ago, Alicia tagged me in her 7 Links post. It's the social media meme taking the blogosphere by storm with the goal of letting no post go unnoticed! 

Alicia! Thanks for the tag :) I feel silly being so excited to be a part of this..but that is what it's all about right?! We're all in it together!

My Se7en Links (yet, I still use it. I'm a huge tool)

(1) most beautiful.
a defining moment. I have linked and re-linked to this post before, but the story of how Brandon and I met is so poignant for me, especially now that we're engaged. I just want to share my joy with the whole world! Can you blame me?!

(2) most popular.
According to my blogger stats: I design orthopedic implants...not breast implants..., which talks about what I do for a living, is the post with the most pageviews.  I think that's because I labeled it with my company's name...and I can imagine anyone looking for a job here is going to search "OrthoHelix" and my post will show up. Most popular in my opinion, based on feedback and comments would have to be Home Sweet CLE: A Tribute to CLE Bloggers. In that post, I express my gratitude for all things great about Cleveland, especially the blogging community.

(3) most controversial.
Rreeeeach for the Stars! Honestly, I couldnt' find anything more controversial than this...and I only think it was controversial because my friend left a mini-novella of a comment about things that could be better choices for me.

(4) most helpful. 
Reigning in the Budget: the make vs. buy comparison, (or if you needed a new drinking game, Beersbee). I did a lot of work on these posts (I'm specifically talking about all the math in the budget post) and I hope that my readers found them helpful. At the very least, writing them was helpful for me!

(5) surprise success. 
Anatomy of a Training Run: Run/Walk, actually...any of my Anatomy of a Training Run series really went over well with PL&B readers:
Tempo Runs
Yasso 800s
The Hydration Edition
Fueling for Long Runs

(6) not enough attention. 
12 Steps to Sustainability, where I outline 12 ways I am making my life a little greener. "One grain of rice can tip the scale" ....what movie?!?

(7) most proud of. 
Race Recap: Cleveland Marathon 2011, where my pre-race anxiety (because of things that were out of my control) lead to a heart rate that was higher before the starting gun than it was for the whole race. It was an incredible experience that I got to share with Brandon. Even though it wasn't my fastest marathon, it was my favorite thus far. 

Holy links! What do you guys think? There is WAY more than seven links up there. Here are my "my se7en link" blogger nominations:
Amanda @ There Are Two Sides
Maria @ Daily Downward Dog
Holly @ Rust Belt Runner
Erin @ Creative Soul In Motion


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