Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Sweet CLE: A Tribute to CLE Bloggers


I spent a lot of time this morning pondering the various things I wanted to post today, but after scrolling through several blogs in my Google reader, I settled on writing a post on the many reasons I've come to love Cleveland. More importantly, I wanted to make this a tribute to the CLE blogging scene. Because it. Is. Awesome.

I have been in Ohio for the past two and a half years, but only moved up to the east side of Cleveland last October, when I moved in with Brandon. So up until then, I stuck primarily to the Akron area. While I was enjoying the spoils of living basically right in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I was totally missing out on all that is awesome in Cleveland.

My best source for finding out what's going on in this awesome city is Cleveland's bloggers!!! So, CLEbloggers, I'm so sorry if I leave you out of this post in some way shape or form, but I'm still in the process of discovering all of the great bloggers out there. Please forgive me!

Alicia is always my first stop to see what's going on around here. Her latest Ten Things Tuesday post chronicles a lot of upcoming events in Cleveland. From the Cleveland International Film Festival (which I definitely plan to attend this year) to the next Emerging Chefs event (which I also plan to go to someday) - Alicia knows all when it comes to where to be in CLE! Unfortunately, I won't be attending this month's Ohio Blogging Association Cleveland meet-up, but if you can go I highly recommend it - they're doing a volunteer night at the Cleveland Foodbank that's sure to be a rewarding experience.

If I ever need motivation to get my butt out the door to exercise, I check out what Kali, Katie, Heather, or Jessica is up to. It's always nice to be able to empathize with others on the training end of things, seeing as we're all getting the same weather, running in the same races and stumbling across similar road blocks.

You should probably know that part of the reason I got started blogging was because I was obsessed with food blogs...searching for recipes is my favorite procrastination activity! Personally, one of the best places to find new recipes are from local bloggers, because we have to work with what is available to us - whatever is in season right now, in Northeast Ohio. Not only that, but there are some restaurant gems in this city that I had no idea even existed had it not been for some of the best CLE food bloggers: the one and only Chubby Cook, Hungry in Cleveland, Cleveland Foodie, Cleveland Food and name a few.

I don't even have the words to explain how quickly blogging has become an important part of my life here and  has given me access to innumerable resources from blends that I have and have not met yet. Here's a list of some other Cleveland bloggers that are a daily presence in my google reader (and whom I lovingly follow/read instead of being productive):

Cleveland Dog Blog fun fact: Chris and I have both bounced between living in Hoboken, NJ and Cleveland/Akron!
Cleveland Food Goddess
Cooker Girl
FireSide Symphony I might be a little biased, but this kid is kind of awesome. He sings some sweet tunes too!
Fun Playing with Food
Happiness is a Hot Pierogi (Brandon, how do we pronounce this???)
So I Married A Chef
The Daily Downward Dog I'll be taking one of Maria's yoga classes soon! I cannot wait!
The Dawg's Dish
WhyCLE? Who, by the way, has an awesome CLE blogroll - definitely check it out!

Okie doke, friends - just a little insight into some of the many reason I have quickly fallen in love with Cleveland (and it's bloggers, is that weird?) Even if I sometimes hate the weather. Even if I curse going out to run in the snow. Even if we basically have to give Pele' a bath every time he comes in from playing outside because he's so muddy.

I [heart] CLE!

Oh, and I know I am missing some very awesome blogs. And let's be real, I could always use another reason to spend hours reading blogs before I actually start on any real work when I get to my office in the mornings. So please...if you can think of anyone I'm missing let me know they're out there!

Love, peace, chicken grease (thought I'd change it up),

p.s. T-minus 9.5 days until the Tribe home opener....Let's Go Indians!
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