The Usual Suspects

Want to know more about the people who pop up on PL&B often? This is a little more background on the important people in my life.



My fiance and my best friend (you can say it *cough cough* cheesy *cough*). We live together in a beautiful cape cod in northeast Ohio with a backyard that is fit for a king.

We met at a Dave Matthews Band concert — my first, his 18th. He’s a musician and a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream aficionado.

His music is Fireside Symphony and every now and then, he writes a blog post of his own.

What else can I say? He is my matching puzzle piece. We make a great team and I thank my lucky stars every single day that Dave Matthews helped me find him.


Our eldest (and smartest) dog. He’s a rescue — german shepherd, black lab, chow mix. Weighing in at about 50 lbs, he’s certainly a bright star in our sky. He’s epileptic, and managing his seizures is a new experience for all of us. In spite of it all, he’s just happy to be alive and in a loving home…we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our not-as-smart-but-equally-lovable Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He’s also a rescue and is pushing 75lbs and growing. When we rescued him, he was 4 months old and only 25 lbs! He’s a lot of energy, he loves to romp with Pele’ or whomever feels like playing. He’s also been known to jump the 4-foot fence that we had put in to keep him inside the yard.


My mom is the #1 role model in my life. I definitely get my love of staying busy from her…as well as my good looks! She’s a teacher, massage therapist, spinning instructor and newly minted homeowner! There isn’t anything that she can’t do, and I admire that so thoroughly. She’s truly an inspiration.


My dad is the most relaxed person on the planet (well, now that I’m no longer an angsty teenager). Any time I need to calm down, he’s the first person I call to vent to. He is also an excellent cook.  He remarried my step mom, Ingrid and they had a baby (well, “baby” is a relative term…now she’s almost as tall as I am) four and a half years ago. Melia is pure trouble and she’s going to be the flower girl in our wedding.


Max is my (BIG) little brother. He just recently moved to California to go live with our great uncle. He’s finally getting out on his own and I am so proud of him. He still makes this face

and I love him thoroughly.

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