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February 9, 2012

Since Ispend a lot of time in my car – my commute is 45+ minutes, one way – I loveusing that time to learn. I started listening to a few audio books, but my MOis usually to spend that time listening to NPR and getting caught up on mynews. Well, sometimes the news is boring.
Until a fewweeks ago, I was totally unaware of all the amazing things that iTunes does. It’sway more than just a quick way to purchase music.  
Take yogafor an example. It’s not cheap to continually buy class passes at yoga studios, even if you splurge on the annual pass (which usually affords you deep discounts) then you’re limited to one studio for the whole year. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just nice to experience yoga in different environments and from different teachers. Plus, that annual pass isn’t portable if you have to travel.

Enter: iTunes free podcasts

Search for whatever type of yoga you feel like practicing and you’re likely to find a podcast of a class. All for free! Plus, it’s totally portable! I’ve taken advantage of this in my hotel room when I travel, or even when I’m at home and don’t want to leave the house for a yoga class.

Then, what if you hear about something that you want to learn more about? Usually, you google it right? What if you could listen to a college lecture about it? You can do it with iTunes U!

After our YTT anatomy weekend, I wanted to learn more about Chinese Medicine…looked it up on iTunes and found a whole series of lectures from courses at UCLA! How cool, right?! I can’t imagine how much it costs per credit hour to take a class at UCLA, but on iTunes U, I can learn for free. Better yet, I can listen anywhere! So, when listening to NPR gets boring, I have been utilizing my commute time to learn about something new.

I am totally enamored with iTunes and have been using it for just about everything lately. Have you explored all that iTunes has to offer?

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