Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY Vegetable Garden: Mid-summer Checkup

First off, thank you all for the congrats on announcing my engagement!!

In my last post about our veggie garden(s), the gardens looked like this:

Now, they looks something like this:

Generally in August, we'd be getting a much bigger harvest, but since all the plants got in the ground a month late, our garden is slow on the harvest. I anticipate an August and September high in tomatoes and peppers! In fact, the cherry tomatoes are going off right now:

We have been keeping a notebook so we know what is doing well and where it was planted as well as any other things we've noticed. So far, there are a couple of things I have written down that you might want to take note of in your own gardens:
  • One of our tomato plants is suffering from Blossom End Rot¬†which most often happens when the growing season starts out wet then goes through a dry spell (helloooo, rainy spring). It's basically because of inconsistent moisture content in the soil that causes a calcium imbalance. It's highly unfortunate because the tomatoes that are ready to eat right now are the ones that have end rot. Boo.
  • Sugar snap peas are sparse this year, probably because of getting them planted so late. They also like more sun, because they're doing much better in the center of the garden then they are close to the sides.
  • Next year we want to try growing corn, beans and squash together in a three sisters garden - which is a native american way of growing them so they complement each others' nutritional/growing needs.
  • Sun Sugar Tomatoes are the most tasty cherry tom's you'll ever eat. They're little, orange and delicious. Grow them. STAT.
  • The butternut squash is very happy in the far left corner of the in-ground garden. Case-in-point:

How is your vegetable garden doing thus far?


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