Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY Vegetable Garden: Weed Block and Potting Saplings

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This is part two of my DIY Vegetable Garden post series. I realize that it may be a bit too late in the year for this already, but we were late getting basically everything in the ground because of the wet, wet spring we had.

HOME GARDEN STEP THREE: Cover planting area with weed block tarp

Last year, the garden quickly got overrun with weeds and for two people who work full time, it was too much to keep ahead of. This year we're trying Weed Block. We put down the weed block tarp and then (mostly for aesthetic purposes) covered it with more soil. I don't think that is actually necessary, but I'd rather look at soil than at tarp with plants poking through.

When you put plants in the ground, you're going to have to cut through the tarp to place them. So far, the weeds have been pretty subdued in the places where the tarp was laid. 

Except for those stupid maple whirlybirds. They drive me nuts.
And they're sprouting everywhere!

This is what our garden looks like with the tarp down and soil covering it: 
(please note the whirlybirds all over the place)


We had to take an extra *half* step in the home garden process because of all the rain this spring. The ground was saturated throughout April and May and we could not put the seeds that we had started, or the saplings that we had bought into the ground. 

We were able to fill the raised beds with veggies towards the end of May, but no luck with the in-ground garden. Our saplings were starting to look sad in the plastic containers that they were purchased in, so we decided to invest in lots and lots of little pots. 

If your plants are starting to die because they can't go in the ground, pot them and place them in the area of the garden that they will be when they're planted. 

This bought us an extra couple of weeks until the ground dried up (helloooo 90 degree weather!) Stay tuned next time for getting your plants into the ground, and what to do if you have more plants than space in the garden!

Happy Gardening,

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