Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, such a popular destination with groups whether it be for sporting events, sight seeing, stag and hen parties or university tours.

When thinking of a destination that caters for just about all tastes then Dublin is hard to beat. From the extensive arts and culture, to sporting events and music festivals, Dublin has it all. For group travel, it really is the destination of choice.

Universities, schools, brides and grooms to be, family and friends are all feeling the effects of the economic downturn. These groups are having to be more aware of costs for group travel.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great time in Dublin and Cork – there are lots of things to do, see and experience and we can help you to plan and book the best of them at the cheapest group prices. Many of Dublins top attractions are located within easy access of a large selection fo Dublin hostels.

Somewhat of a hidden gem of a day out is on the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) commuter train service which runs right along the coast, so it’s like a cheap tourist train, with breathtaking views and fabulous places to visit along the route.

One must visit location on the train journey is the pretty fishing village of Howth (rhymes with ‘both’), a twenty minute DART journey along the coast north of Dublin city centre. Howth has a pretty harbour, which is used by both working fishing boats and pleasure craft – but did you know that it also has a beach? Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but when you come out of the DART station, walk about 100 meters towards Howth village, take a left then walk down the little alleyway to your left – and you come out on Claremont Beach! It’s right beside the pier, but you could easily miss it – it’s a great place to take a stroll, building up an appetite for…

Top money saving tip’s when staying in Dublin hostels
Travelling with a student group is certainly not easy or cheap, so making wise decisions prior to your trip will pay off when you arrive in Dublin or Cork. Planning your itinerary and booking the most important elements of your trip can not only be more cost effective for a group but also less stressful for the group leaders!
Here are some top tips on how you can save your group money for your stay in hostels in Dublin.

In some hostels, your group’s breakfast is covered so you just have lunches and dinner to think about for your group saving both time and money. Whether your group are busy with itineraries everyday or just taking it easy, wouldn’t it be great not to have to stress about sorting out lunch or dinners for the whole group? You can organise packed lunches prior to your arrival in some hostels and they will be delivered to the hostel reception for your group to collect in the morning time. Make use of the hostel’s helpful staff. They can often pre-book a local restaurant for your group at discounted group prices. Booking and paying for lunches and dinners in advance means your group saves money, saves time in the precious evenings not having to find a place to accommodate a large group and helps with daily budgets.

Many groups plan their trip to Dublin and Cork and don’t even consider costs of visiting attractions /activities until they arrive. They’re missing all sorts of opportunities to save money. By planning ahead and booking prior to arrival in Dublin hostel you will save a significant amount of money for the group.

Student discounts and other concessions will make a difference to your groups budget. If you are a student group in one of the Dublin hostels, make sure you bring your student vouchers on your trip. Lots of shops and attractions in Dublin offer student discounts.

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