Hong Kong vacation timing

The beautiful city state Hong Kong is home to innumerable attractions and sightseeing options starting from magnificent metropolis to calm countryside. During a holiday in Hong Kong tourist are highly impressed by the striking miles of coastline, impressive harbors, and beautifully lit cityscape. Hong Kong Packages and budget holiday tour packages Hong Kong are in demand year around amongst family vacationers, solo travelers and honeymooners. Every year tourists from every corner of the world visit Hong Kong for a great holiday. Before you start looking for Hong Kong holiday packages you need to be aware of the appropriate time to visit this magnificent city.

Hong Kong enjoys a sub-tropical climate with four distinguishable seasons making is an ideal destination all year round. During the spring season that starts from the month of March to mid May the weather is warm and humid. The temperature from the end of May to mid September is generally high that brings the summer season in Hong Kong. From late September to early December is the autumn season when the temperature gradually falls and humidity is also less. Autumn season is marked by clear sunshine and fine weather. During winter, which is from late December to February, the temperature remains quite cold with very less moisture content in the air.

Now when it comes to best time to look for Holiday Tour Packages Hong Kong to plan for a holiday here is definitely the spring season. It is regarded as the best time to plan for holiday in this stunning city as the climate remains moderate and tourists can roam around the city in a comfortable manner. During this time getting good deals on Hong Kong packages and budget Hong Kong holiday packages can be difficult. Hence if you wish to plan for a holiday in Hong Kong during the months of March to May, plan it in advance and start looking for suitable holiday tour packages Hong Kong much earlier.

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong during some other time of the year rather than the peak tourist season, you can get attractive rates for Hong Kong holiday packages. If you don’t like crowd, avoid planning a holiday in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year held in the end of January or the beginning of February. This time Hong Kong is in a festive mood with most of the shops remain closed and streets are often crowded. Also, the International Food fair held in January attracts a huge number of tourists to the city. Budget travelers should stay away from planning a holiday during this time.

Hong Kong Holiday Packages are generally booked solid for the months of April and October due to expositions and conventions. Also one reason is the Christmas sales that attract many visitors. Booking of Hong Kong packages and budget holiday tour packages Hong Kong must be done at least fifteen days in advance to avoid disappointment. Also you can avail best rates on packages if bookings are done in advance.

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