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The standards quality in Tourism assesses to have been created as a result of harmonising standards from the National Tourist Boards for Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. Today’s tourism environment covers few major actors and a large number of small and medium actors. There exist few standardised large platforms which lack an appropriate mapping of the existing structure to robust semantic descriptions. Besides, standardising the main protocols and ontologies is needed though the complexity is too high.

However, the Uganda’s tourism sector is riddled with enormous opportunities which make the tourism industry full of hope and optimism. Besides, the country has unique opportunities all the way from its fauna and flora, culture, the terrain and its people, good weather and general beauty across the country. For example marine tourism characterized with the fresh water bodies found in most parts of the country, Mountains, forest reserves, National parks, wildlife sanctuaries and many others with huge potential.

Still Tourism is a very competitive industry, which requires enormous investment in showcasing the products, enhancing visibility of the country in the tourism and travel markets as well as providing assurance to visitors about the safety of the destinations. These are expensive undertakings, which require huge budgets for marketing and promotion.

In East Africa, the most visible destinations are Uganda’s National Parks famous for Rwanda Mountain gorillas and marine tourism and wildlife, Kenya and Safari Tanzania National Parks known for wildlife migrations and mountain climbing and Rwanda as well for Mountain Gorillas. Each of these countries spends a lot on marketing and promotion alone. While Uganda Government is supporting tourism and promoting activities, in order to considerably step up in marketing and promotion of the Tourism industry.

Meanwhile in terms of comparison, Uganda’s tourism sector is unique because of its unique products like Culture; (the only country with traditional institutions), Conducive weather conditions year round which makes the country to be referred to as The Pearl of Africa”, fresh water bodies (the Nile), and organic food.Although Uganda’s tourism industry is unique, several training institutions have come up to train the staff of the industry for quality service provision which will raise the standard of the industry. These include; Crested Crane Hotel and Tourism Training Institute Jinja, Makerere University and many other institutions which count tourism course as one of the courses students offer. Enjoy Uganda’s quality beautiful natural pleasures during your holiday vacation.

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