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Hong Kong vacation timing

The beautiful city state Hong Kong is home to innumerable attractions and sightseeing options starting from magnificent metropolis to calm countryside. During a holiday in Hong Kong tourist are highly impressed by the striking miles of coastline, impressive harbors, and beautifully lit cityscape. Hong Kong Packages and budget holiday tour packages Hong Kong are in demand year around amongst family vacationers, solo travelers and honeymooners. Every year tourists from every corner of the world visit Hong Kong for a great holiday. Before you start looking for Hong Kong holiday packages you need to be aware of the appropriate time to visit this magnificent city.

Hong Kong enjoys a sub-tropical climate with four distinguishable seasons making is an ideal destination all year round. During the spring season that starts from the month of March to mid May the weather is warm and humid. The temperature from the end of May to mid September is generally high that brings the summer season in Hong Kong. From late September to early December is the autumn season when the temperature gradually falls and humidity is also less. Autumn season is marked by clear sunshine and fine weather. During winter, which is from late December to February, the temperature remains quite cold with very less moisture content in the air.

Now when it comes to best time to look for Holiday Tour Packages Hong Kong to plan for a holiday here is definitely the spring season. It is regarded as the best time to plan for holiday in this stunning city as the climate remains moderate and tourists can roam around the city in a comfortable manner. During this time getting good deals on Hong Kong packages and budget Hong Kong holiday packages can be difficult. Hence if you wish to plan for a holiday in Hong Kong during the months of March to May, plan it in advance and start looking for suitable holiday tour packages Hong Kong much earlier.

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong during some other time of the year rather than the peak tourist season, you can get attractive rates for Hong Kong holiday packages. If you don’t like crowd, avoid planning a holiday in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year held in the end of January or the beginning of February. This time Hong Kong is in a festive mood with most of the shops remain closed and streets are often crowded. Also, the International Food fair held in January attracts a huge number of tourists to the city. Budget travelers should stay away from planning a holiday during this time.

Hong Kong Holiday Packages are generally booked solid for the months of April and October due to expositions and conventions. Also one reason is the Christmas sales that attract many visitors. Booking of Hong Kong packages and budget holiday tour packages Hong Kong must be done at least fifteen days in advance to avoid disappointment. Also you can avail best rates on packages if bookings are done in advance.

Fun to be done in Abu Dhabi

The emirate hosts the United Arab Emirates’ capital – Abu Dhabi city. This island capital is characterized by its signature Corniche, which fronts the amazing turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Abu Dhabi sightseeing tours include a trip to famous Al Ain, which is also known as Garden city. At Al Ain you can go to the famous Al Ain National Museum or visit the Hili Archaeological Garden that features archaeological finds of a Bronze Age settlement.

In Abu Dhabi city you’ll find all the conveniences of 21st century capital living and with some surprising additions. Fine dining abounds, as do opportunities for more affordable fare in numerous city centre outlets.

Al Ain Old Prison offers panoramic views of the city and its surrounding oasis. You can also visit Al Jahili Fort and the Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium during your sightseeing tour in Abu Dhabi.

While you are sightseeing here, you can also shop at traditional markets, known as souks. Iranian Souk and sites like Heritage Village give us an exact representation of how people of Abu Dhabi lived before the discovery of its huge oil reserves.

The Corniche is one of the popular places in the city. A beautiful park by the sea, it is just perfect for relaxation. Those interested in arts, music or dance can visit the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, a center that organizes frequent cultural events and shows.

On sightseeing tours to Abu Dhabi, you must not miss visits to Al Hosn Palace, Bateen Shipyard, Dhow Harbor, Jebel Hafeet, among other sites.

Attractions of Abu Dhabi are as diverse as salt and sugar. On one hand, you can feel the bounteousness of nature’s magnificence in this city, and on the other, you’ll rave about the creative brilliance of human brain, as seen through the architectural marvels that adorn Abu Dhabi’s skyline. This fascinating oasis is home to the largest museum in the United Arab Emirates, the Al Ain National Museum, Abu Dhabi, and also the Al Ain Zoo, one of the best wildlife reserves in the region.

Abu Dhabi offers something special for each of its visitors. Whatever your subject of interest may be, this city’s attractions will cater to your preferences and make your holidays in Abu Dhabi a memorable one.

The largest of seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is both splendid and enigmatic. Abu Dhabi is not only for shopping or business meetings, but also a most popular tourist destination, and here is more to see.

Whatever you choose to do, you will meet with a welcome which has been extended to travelers throughout the ages.

Your African safari vacation

We take you to the live and true spirit of and African safari. The cities of Africa are most famous for their hosting such kind of wild life safari, various wildlife tours and events to promote the cultural recognition throughout the world and also to promote tourism and its development for not only the benefit of its own continent but also for the mutual interest of the world as a whole.
The culture of African cities varies from city to city and you can enjoy the immensely colorful environment of the desert as well as the wild life. Most of the African cities are situated in the deserts which make the survival of even the natives very tough. But still tourists pour in African cities from the whole world to experience its wonders and why is that? The charm here is irresistible. You cannot find a better place to enjoy wildlife in their natural urroundings than here in Africa.
It really is an out of body experience for every tourist and visitor. The wild animals are not the only thing worth watching. You also get to see the amazingly beautiful and surreal landscapes spread far and wide in Africa. You see the lush green colors of huge trees and rainforests which are a sight to behold. The wide expanse of the dull brown desert with its golden sands is also worth a watch. Even more breathtaking is the natural viewing of the hunting. How the predators chase and pounce at their prey is the most amazing spectacle ever. The thrill and rush of watching such amazing attraction. The experience will stay with you forever if you are a lover if nature, mother earth.
The most famous sights in African safari are cheetah, African elephants, Giraffes, hippopotamus, Warthog, Zebras, wildebeest and Rhinoceros. African elephant is the largest mammal on earth. All these wildlife can be enjoyed in Safaris of Africa.
Different types of birds’ unseen in other continents also adhere to the environment of African wildlife safaris.
African safari parks are now developing at immense rate to attract visitors from all over the world. No one visits Africa and doesn’t enjoy the wildlife safari there. It is one of the biggest attractions for tourists.
Walk- through safari and drive- through safari parks are very popular among visitors. Some of the safari parks are interactive as well where one can feed animals and watch them closely.Animal shows are arranged to add more interactive features in the safari.
Wildlife photographers are attracted to the beauty of wildlife in African Safaris. The diversity of scenery that can be captured and availability of close up capturing of wildlife scenes is a true attraction for wildlife photographers. The breathtaking splendid beauty and erotic scenes are conserved in the cameras of wildlife photographers. Many wildlife documentaries and close observations for wildlife studies are also destined to African safaris.
Adventurous minds and tourists are well attracted to the wildlife of Africa that is why true essence of wildlife safari is equal to wild adventures and erotic natural beauty.

Indian Tiger Safari

Tigers are the most powerful and royal creatures on the earth. They are the symbol of liberty and majesty. Spotting tigers in their natural habitats has an incredible pleasure for most of wildlife enthusiast. Typically this creature is found all around the world in dense forests, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries. There are several recognized destinations located in all over world where people can easily spot them but Indian country considered as the great and well accepted place to spot them in their innate abode.

The topographical diversity of India offers splendid habitats to the several species of birds and mammals. The country is bursting with more than hundred national parks and over the five hundred wildlife sanctuaries. These protected areas preserve this rich and diverse flora and fauna. In the rich wildlife of the country tigers have their position at the top. This is the most royal animal found in the country and also a major attraction for wildlife lovers from. The species of Indian tigers are considered as one of the finest breeds in the entire world. Numerous travelers come to India form several countries to spot this amazing creature.

There are several remarkable wildlife destinations are scattered around the country and providing the shelters to this royal animals. These reserves also become as the popular tourists spots for nature and wildlife lovers. Ranthambore National Park is regarded as one of the finest places in the country to spots majestic tigers. The park is located in royal Indian State Rajasthan in Sawai Madhopur district around the oldest Aravalli hill ranges. Here travelers can spots them even in day times. The most preferred time to visit this park is November and May.

Kaziranga National Park is Mainly this protected area is well-known for the significant population of rare One-horned Rhinoceroses. It preserves more than two-third population of One-horned Rhinoceroses and also declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The protected area is also regarded as the highest known tiger density region around the world and an ideal place to spot them.

Another very popular tiger reserve of the country is Bandhavgarh. It is located in the state Madhya Pradesh in Umaria district. At this park tourists can explore rare and astonishing white tigers. Travelers can easily view them along with jeep or elephant safaris. The park also preserves 35 sandstone caves bearing Brahmi inscriptions of first century which make the visit of travelers more praiseworthy.

For the wildlife lovers Indiatiger safari tours are the most desirable options. This trip offer great experience to explore the species of royal Indiatiger in their innate adobe. So if you want to spend some time with this most powerful creature of the world, plan wildlife tour of India in this vacation and have some unforgettable experience.