Monday, March 21, 2011

Marathon Monday: Training Week #11

Phew! What an awesome week for training! We actually got on our bikes last week and got to enjoy some warmer weather for most of our runs. Last week's workouts went something like this:

Monday - rest

Tuesday - 5 miles easy. This was a run in the rain, which kind of sucked, but got better over the course of the run. We started out heading right into the rain and getting pelleted in the face by it, but by the end it was at our backs and (at least my) body temperature had gone up enough to not be bothered too much by the cold rain. It was good and wet though, that I could have done without.

Wednesday - 10 mile bike ride! It was warm/sunny enough on Wednesday to take out our bikes, so we took the little bike/walk trail that goes along Shaker down into Pepper Pike and back. We also resolved to take our bikes to the grocery store (well, to Trader Joe's) when we needed to go. I am so happy it's finally turning into spring!

Thursday - speedwork, 3x1600m at 8:48 pace with 800 jogs in between, total 5.75 miles. This was our first bout with mile repeats and it went really, really well. Brandon and I were both feeling strong, even though I was initially worried about switching from 800's to 1600's. It was a good move, and something that I think will benefit us a lot. The mile splits were in 8:46, 8:46 and 8:44. I'm still pretty impressed by the fact that it didn't feel like complete misery running that quickly. I haven't run anywhere near an 8 minute mile since I was in college (and playing lacrosse, mind you.)

Friday - rest/walk the doggie.

Saturday - 13.1 miles. We had only planned to run 12 miles, but since we did 13 two weeks ago, we decided to just go for it. Brandon and I are both in agreement; the second time we were in a much better head space than we were the first time around. We planned our very own half marathon route:
This is the second time we've run this route. I am loving it! Lots of different things to run by. We start in the more "iffy" neighborhoods around us (I say "iffy" because we encountered several cops the first time we ran through there) and then get to run through Shaker and admire all those incredible houses, then around the lakes to take in some of the beautiful scenery the east side has to offer. Then you get a few more crowded roads and a college before heading home! It's fun and a pretty flat route. I am a fan!

Sunday - rest/work around the house. 

This coming week (week 11!) is going to be another good one. Hopefully we'll get another chance to get out on the bikes. This weeks schedule:

We're kicking it up this week, with Brandon's first 14-miler EVER! (Another reason we're both glad we ran 13 miles on Saturday instead of 12). I want to work in a bunch of good cross training this week too. I have kind of abandoned my push-ups, sit-ups and squats because I think it takes me too long to do all three...and I get bored easily with them. I was reading some older posts on Heather's blog and got a great idea which seemed like a much better way for me to work those things into my routine, without getting bored: play Hit the Deck! I will let you know how that goes when I actually try it!

Happy Spring everybody!!!

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